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2023년 11월 24일 (금)

Change to Lancashire Waxcap filters

You may have just received a notification that this project has been updated. Just to let you know i have added additional Genus (Camarophyllopsis and Hodophilus) and the species Pseudotricholoma metapodium as these are important 'CHEGD' ancient grassland fungi which i had previously omitted but do deserve the attention and inclusion to help us locate important grassland sites.

If you have any questions just let me know!

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2023년 11월 13일 (월)

Sharing Locations


It's full on fungi season at the moment and i wanted to drop this post in just as a reminder of what this project is for.

At the Biological Heritage Sites team we're currently trying to identify sites that have potential as ancient grasslands. Sites that meet a set threshold may be selected to be recognised for their importance for fungal diversity in Lancashire. This project has been set up to help collate information and find these special places.

However, many fungi are on the IUCN Red Lists (species of conservation concern) and the location of any species of conservation importance is automatically blurred by iNaturalist. This is good practice to project potentially sensitive species but we do need access to that information to locate and identify important sites.

Please consider sharing precise location information with us but going to 'Your Membership' on the front banner of the project and selecting one of the 'yes' options under 'Trust this project with hidden coordinates?'

By selecting Yes, you will enable myself, Sarah Coughlan (County Ecologist) and 'Peachysteve' (Ancient Grassland specialist) access to precise location data. That information will not be available to general public view.

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