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more fallout from the recent Moths of Laos publication (2020):

(A) Definite changes
(1) all records in HK of Calindoea argentalis (Walker, 1866) are referable to Calindoea sapa Owada & Kobayashi, 2020, which occurs in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and southern China - the forewing costal margin of sapa is much browner, the f/w subterminal spotted fascia almost non existant and the hindwing fasciae less distinct. Further information on this species "pair" is given under the atlas entry for C. sapa

Calindoea argentalis
(from Java)
Calindoea sapa
(from Hong Kong)

(2) Owada & Kobayashi have revived the combination Hypolamprus subrosealis Leech, 1889 (previously as Picrostomastis subrosealis)

(B) Likely changes (pending taxonomic investigation of HK material).
further changes in the Laotian Thyrididae paper will likely impact the following two taxa in HK:
(1) Banisia lobata (Moore, 1882) perhaps now B. ceylonensis Whalley, 1976; prev. as ssp pf lobata;
(2) Banisia myrsusalis (Walker, 1859) possibly should be B. elaralis (Walker, 1859); prev. as ssp of myrsusalis

M. Owada & M. Kobayashi (2020). Thyrididae. pp 182-197 in Kishida, Y. (ed). Moths of Laos, Part 1 Tinea 25 (Supplement 2)
[link opens as PDF file]

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