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Hi all,

Looking forward to seeing what we can achieve this weekend. I really have no idea! Rather than spamming you all with notifications all weekend, I'll add regular updates in this post about every 4 hours during the day - including the 'annotatathometer' below! If you've missed it, details of this weekend's team activity are here. Doesn't matter if you want to try to do three, or three thousand, it all counts! I hope this proves a good opportunity for some new people to have a go :)

And here are the identify portal links:

All UK hoverflies needing sex annotation
UK hoverflies needing sex annotation, excluding the difficult groups

All UK hoverflies needing life stage annotation

New Sex Annotations = 4858
New Life Stage Annotations = 7364

24-Nov 12:00 A decent start, especially as most of us are presumably at work! Both types of annotation have already increased by 1%

24-Nov 16:00 Life Stage annotations have overtaken sex annotations (as it should be really - no observation needs to be without life stage, but sex determination is sometimes hard and occasionally impossible).

24-Nov Really nice progress so far this evening! Great work everyone involved, it's really adding up. Hope it makes you feel that the return for your effort is being multiplied! I wonder if we can get close to 40% by the end of the day?

25-Nov 00:01 A really productive first day methinks! Over 12 000 annotations added between us - thanks everyone. And yes, 'Life Stage' just made it over the line to 40.01% (sex is on just over 38%). Let's see what the weekend proper enables :-)

Posted on 2023년 11월 23일, 22시 27분 43초 UTC by matthewvosper matthewvosper


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